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9 Essential Elements of a High-Converting Thank You Page

Ever round up your change at the grocery store checkout to support a local charity? If so, you’re probably more likely to do it again or even donate a larger sum in the future. Why? People tend to be consistent with the beliefs and values they’re committed to.

When someone purchases one of your products or converts on your site, they’re more likely to do it again, or at least do something similar. You can use this to your advantage by suggesting an additional action immediately after a conversion has taken place, and you can do it all from your thank you page. You don’t get what you don’t ask for. Here are 9 essential elements of a high-converting thank you page from Sleeknote.

  • Ask for Referrals. Word of mouth goes a long way in influencing purchase decisions. This is why referrals are so lucrative. Offering an easy way for visitors and customers to spread your message can lead to easy wins. For example, James Clear has created one of the most popular single-author blogs just in the last three years. He includes a prewritten referral message that populates in an email when a link is clicked.
  • Demonstrate Authority. Building recognition is one thing, but building authority is another. When others tout you as an authority in your field, people take note. Include recognizable media mentions and testimonials throughout your website so they can’t be missed. Wear them like a badge of honor, because they speak volumes about your authority in the eyes of customers.
  • Offer a Discount. Discounts make costs more palatable. However, overdoing it will devalue your products. Underdoing discounts can leave people frustrated that they missed the small window to snag a deal. Whenever you offer a discount or special offer, be sure to build urgency with scarcity or time sensitivity to encourage fast action. Additionally, set yourself up for success with secondary offers to prompt further conversions and reduce churn.

Thanks for reading this far! Keep it going for all nine elements.


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