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9 Reddit Ads to Try

Reddit’s 57 million users represent highly engaged, niche online communities—and a huge opportunity for brands that know their target audience. Here are 9 Reddit ads to consider:

Promoted Post

  • Image Ads: Test a scroll-stopping image ad that appears in the Reddit feed.
  • Carousel Ads: Similar to other platforms; maximize your ad space with multiple images.
  • Video Ads: Engage your audience with an in-feed video.
  • Conversation Placements: Drive incremental reach with ads that appear within conversation threads.
  • Text Ads: Quickly promote your message with simple in-feed text ads.

Reddit Takeover

High Impact

  • Reddit Takeover: Get your content trending in the Popular feed with Reddit’s widest-reaching package.
  • Front Page Takeover: Own the homepage with a 24-hour ad.
  • First View: Own the first unique ad impression on the Home and Popular page.
  • Category Takeover: Own top communities in your category for 24 hours or more.

Checkout Reddit for Business to get started.


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