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9 Tactical Video SEO Tips to Improve Your Content Performance

How many of you think you could walk across a balance beam a thousand feet in the air? Don’t worry, we’re not going to put you to the test. But what if the beam was on the ground. A bit easier now, huh? (But maybe not after happy hour…)

Something similar occurs for digital marketers. We have tons of best practices and general rules to follow and we become masters of them. But then we take on something a little more unfamiliar and it can feel like an entirely different game despite following many of the same rules. Case in point: SEO vs. video SEO. Check out the lowdown from Wistia on video SEO with 9 tactical tips to improve your content performance.

  • Video titles matter. Maybe you already have the perfect title. Maybe you don’t. 🤷‍♀️ That’s okay. The point is, you should be thinking about a video title. While the file “client_video_FINAL_complete_4” tells you what the video is, others won’t have the slightest clue. Be sure to change the title to something other than the file name.
  • A thumbnail that screams ‘pick me’. Remember the days of hopping in the car with the fam and picking out a movie at Blockbuster? It was always much more exciting to see the actual movie cover rather than just a generic Blockbuster logo with a title. Your video thumbnails need to entice people to click. Put together an image that isn’t just a screenshot from a section of your video and make it easily viewable at 116 x 65 pixels.
  • Create a video sitemap. Google was made to crawl websites to find and index content to match with relevant queries. Whenever you upload a new video that will appear on your site, be sure to include a sitemap. This tells Google what the video is and can help indicate which other content it’s relevant to.

Keep reading for 6 more tips.


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