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9 Tips to Improve Email Accessibility

Best in class emails are open-worthy, engaging, and valuable. But they should also be accessible. Here’s how to optimize your email for all readers:

  1. Write concise, descriptive subject lines and headers without jargon or abbreviations.
  2. Consider how emojis might be read aloud by a screen reader or virtual assistant.
  3. Keep a color ratio of at least 4.5:1.
  4. Don’t communicate by colors alone; underline your URLs.
  5. Limit flashing GIFs and animations.
  6. Alt text is a non-negotiable.
  7. Use semantic elements in your code.
  8. Set the language attribute within your HTML.
  9. Keep font size readable and CTAs clickable.

Check out Iterable for more on each action item.


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