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9 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Y’all, YouTube has only been around since 2005. As a matter of fact, today is YouTube’s 15th birthday. If YouTube was a person, it wouldn’t even be able to watch its own age-restricted content. That said, in this relatively short amount of time, we could fill the Smithsonian with YouTube history. Everything from “Leave Britney Alone” to Rickrolling to Gangnam Style has captivated the world and resulted in millions of subscribers. Here are Ahrefs’ 9 ways to get more Youtube subscribers.

  • Target topics that people are searching for. This is one of the basic principles of SEO. If you’re trying to bring people to your content, you’ll need content people actually want to see. Google Trends is a handy tool for you to determine what people are searching for within a given topic. Find out what people want to know and show them in your own videos.
  • Keep your channel’s theme right. There are millions of questions people are asking that you can answer in videos. The vast majority of these questions are likely entirely irrelevant to your brand and your goals. For instance, if your YouTube channel is all about promoting your bike shop, then using your videos to answer questions like “best skydiving operators” won’t help you. It will only confuse people who are trying to get a sense of what your brand is all about.
  • Give people what they’re looking for. When someone clicks to watch one of your videos, they’ll expect the video content to match up with the video’s title. Don’t bait people with titles unrelated to the video content. People came for something you promised, so deliver on the promise.
  • Double down on formats that work. In the beginning, it’s important to explore different formats to determine which ones work and which ones don’t. When you post a video that garners a bunch of subscribers, then make more videos in a similar format. If you post anything that loses subscribers or remains stagnant, then steer away from those types of videos moving forward.

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