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9 Winning Strategies For Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

Habitual spending tends to add up. A cup of coffee from Starbucks every day can run you at least $700 over the course of a year. A monthly subscription to Netflix costs at least $108 for a year for the cheapest plan. But this doesn’t mean these prices aren’t worth paying. Starbucks offers convenience and a way to start your day on the right foot, while Netflix can help you relax and keep up with the latest pop culture phenomena.

The price you pay for products and services should be reciprocal to the value they provide. When value falls short, customers may go elsewhere. Today, Jeff Bullas is covering 9 winning strategies for increasing customer lifetime value.

  • Optimize your onboarding. It’s in your best interest to maintain a great customer experience from the get-go. Onboarding is a huge part of the customer experience. Use your onboarding process as an opportunity to demonstrate your value to your customer and ensure their success. Onboarding leaves a lasting impression.
  • Make customer-centric content. Relationships go both ways, and your relationship with your customers is no different. Promote your customers’ content and wear it like a badge of honor. Set yourself up for success by following or creating hashtags for your products and scour the posts with those hashtags for quality content.
  • Customer service counts. If you offer poor customer service, you may as well show your customer the front door of your competitor. People will encounter problems, and the way you treat them when they do can make or break your relationship. Invest in quality customer service with 24/7 support whenever possible.
  • Reward customer loyalty. Show your customers you care about their business by giving them discounts for repeat business. This could come in the form of a punch card that ultimately leads to a free item or even an email with a personalized offer.

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