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A 6-Step Framework for Running Social Media Experiments (+ 87 Ideas)

We’re getting scientific on ya. Social media and content creation is, after all, an art and a science.

When it comes to getting experimental with your social media, it can feel like you are shooting in the dark. But you can take a strategic approach to how you introduce different content to your regularly scheduled programming.

And it goes a little something like this:

  1. Set Goals: What’s the point of this experimental content? Since no brand ever has the exact same social media KPIs, you have to start with your own and then break down any possible “micro-goals” you have for any given post.
  2. Brainstorm: You may have already started on this step before your goals. This is where you take ideas and form a hypothesis around them. Form a hypothesis with this format: “If we (experiment idea), then (expected results), because (assumptions).” Then as with any marketing initiative, study what others are doing. They may have experimented with you already.
  3. Prioritize: Now start establishing how these ideas are becoming posts. You can break them down with the ICE scoring system where Impact, Confidence, and Ease are scored 1-10.
  4. Test: Go see what happens! Some good testing practices include testing one type of post at a time. Give it enough time to measure its performance (1 week is usually enough).
  5. Analyze + Learn: Time to put the lab coats on analyze the results. What was the post performance? Should you try out different variables with that type of post?
  6. Repeat: Once you have planned, posted, and analyzed a social media experiment that your brand deemed a success, repeat it! You may have to cycle through steps 4 and 5 several times to get it just right.

Buffer goes into detail, step by step, so you’re gonna wanna check out their post for it and the 87 experiment ideas.


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