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A Better Way to Fly

If there’s one thing our pun-loving copywriter, Jordyn, likes more than gifs, it’s birds. So, when the crew found an ad featuring a bird, we knew we had to drop it into today’s Daily Carnage.

This Watch is coming at you from Air New Zealand, and features the beloved kiwiA bit ironic for an airline to star a flightless bird — they don’t even have wings! Wait, is a bird a bird if it doesn’t have wings? “Of course it is!!!” Jordyn shouts from the rafters. 

Anyway, you can probably figure out how this ad campaign goes. Air New Zealand flies the flightless bird all over the world. It’s a brilliant ploy — using an adorable mascot to tell you all about the airline. We’ve seen all this before, but damn do they pull it off in a way that really makes us think that Pete the Kiwi could be the next big spokesbird


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