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A Closer Look at Google’s Search Generative Experience

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is still in development but poised to radically change the future of search.

Google is killing the 10 blue links in favor of synthesizing hyper-relevant and accurate information generated by AI in a conversational tone.

Credit: The Verge

Here’s what users who enable SGE in Search Labs can expect:

  • A colorful, multimedia box at the top of your search results.
  • A more personalized, AI-generated response to your query with the potential for in-line links.
  • Three relevant article links with publication dates to the right.
  • The option to ask a follow-up question or select from additional queries at the bottom.
  • Below the summarization, four sponsored links are displayed with featured snippets, if applicable.
  • After sponsored links, the four-question dropdown menu for “People Also Ask” appears.
  • Finally, organic search results are displayed.

Clearly, conversational search will have dramatic implications for marketers and SEOs. Check out The Verge’s update for more info.


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