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A Complete SEO Checklist: 21-Point List Explained

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Business to Community wants to take you from zero to SEO hero. To cover the majority of this hefty checklist, we’re jumping right into it today.

  1. Install an SEO plugin. If your site is on WordPress, you gotta go with Yoast SEO.
  2. Sitemap creation. Let search engines know what to crawl and what not to crawl.
  3. Get Google analytics. If you’re after accurate data, Google is as close as you can possibly get.
  4. Setting up Google search console. The advantage becomes manually submitting URLs to Google, validating errors and mobile-friendliness, sitemap submission, and more.
  5. Find your target keyword. Optimizing site pages or blog articles with target keywords can bring higher-intent traffic to your site.
  6. Understand searchers’ intent. Use Ubersuggest to find related terms or questions that you can write about.
  7. Have a user-friendly permalink structure. Make it easy for searchers to quickly understand what the page is about. Search engines will reward you with improved rank.
  8. Change title and meta description. Take care of the user. Be thoughtful, relevant, and minimal in your titles and meta descriptions.
  9. Header tag structure. Keep content organized.
  10. Internal & external linking. Gain authority with link building.
  11. Use schema markup. This method doesn’t always make sense to use but the main benefit is indirectly influencing page visibility.

Alrighty, we’re leaving the remaining 10 points of this checklist to you. Smash the button if SEO optimization is on your to-do list this year.


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