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A Hub of Resources

Shout out to Oozle Media for sharing their win with us! This team is proof that providing value without strings attached can lead to big results.

The Challenge:

Oozle Media and sister company, Beauty As A Business realized their clients would be looking for leadership as businesses are left wondering how to make payroll and stay in business, much less continuing their marketing efforts.

With that in mind, this team rallied together to become a hub of information for the trade schools and businesses they support.

The Solution:

To address these problems, the mid-sized agency was able to rapidly put together a wide variety of resources.

  • Webinars that included guests from several other industry leaders that trained on conducting virtual tours, what to post on social media, how to take your curriculum online, plus what to do with your SEO and PPC budgets during the pandemic.
  • Blog posts highlighting questions that business owners should be asking to make thoughtful decisions
  • A checklist providing ways to keep your customers engaged and informed by updating your website.
  • Beauty As a Business gave away free courses to all beauty schools to assist their instructors as they converted their own lesson plans for the online classroom.

The Results:

  • 35% average open rate across 12 emails sent out over the last six weeks.
  • Nearly 500 live viewers between all webinars.
  • Over 200 schools expressed interest in the free curriculum
  • Over 1,200 students have already enrolled.
  • 24.87% increase in users to Oozle Media’s website and a 41.18% increase in conversions
    • (comparing data range: 3/13/20 – 4/8/20 vs 2/15/20 – 3/12/20)
  • Multiple businesses that were not previous clients have come on as clients for support through the pandemic with multiple more contracts pending

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