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A Simple To-Do Content Audit with 6 Questions

When’s the last time you did a content audit? Can’t blame ya if it’s been a while. It’s not exactly a walk in the park. But it’s a necessary evil, folks.

Content audits bring health to your brand, online visibility, and overall business. And Content Marketing Institute wants to make it a tad easier for you to conduct one.

Let’s get started.👇

Before jumping into asking the right questions, CMI wants you to get into the right mindset. Get in the minds of your audience with profile reviews or whatever is needed to have a fresh understanding of your audience. Now the questions:

1. Is the content still relevant?

Blogs get tired too. Update stats, data points, or time-sensitive references to give blogs its much-needed beauty sleep. Also, check on outsourced links to see if it still provides value. Do this at least once a year.

2. How many people visit the post?

The data never lies. Use Google Analytics to check in on the following metrics: avg organic search traffic per month, avg overall traffic per month, bounce rate, and avg time on page. Keep your audience and goals in mind when you review the data.

3. What engagement is the post receiving?

Your social media accounts can give great clues to content health. Not just likes but pay attention to shares and quality of comments.

Three more q’s to review. You know what to do to get more!


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