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Actionable Steps for Influencing Your Conversions

We’ve been talkin’ a lot about calculating conversion rates, improving copy, and paid ad channels. Here are some additional things that may be in the way of some of your lead conversions.

These are strategies you’ve definitely heard of but maybe you haven’t connected the dots on ways you can leverage them for your brand.

Leave no stone unturned!

  • Improve Your Site Navigation – A big reason for bounces and reasons people haven’t filled out your form may be because they can’t find it. Make sure your nav and IA are making sense.
  • Improve Page Load Times – Another reason people bounce? Slooooow pages. Large media files are the usual culprits for a longer load time.
  • Ensure Your Value Proposition is Clear – Copy is a matter of trial and error that needs testing continually until you land on things that positively impact your key metrics.
  • Videos are More Engaging – So use ’em! Especially if you can use them as a way to directly speak to your customers like demos.
  • Your Forms – Experiment with required and optional fields, the number of fields you have, and your headlines for them. If your form abandonment rate is high, you can be sure that your form needs attention!
  • New + Repeat Visitor Conversion Rate – New visitors can show you how changes are making an impact as fresh eyes, and repeat visitors are already more likely to convert so find ways to keep them engaged.
  • Traffic Sources – So you know where your conversions are coming from and you can target that channel’s journey in a more effective way.

Tools to consider if you don’t use them already:

  • Surveys because it never hurts to ask
  • Heatmaps so you can see a user’s behavior on your site
  • Ticket Systems for direct support and suggestions
  • Form Analytics for tracking incomplete and usability

Check out the full post by VWO for more tools and examples.


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