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Advocacy Marketing: How to Do It

You can’t buy someone’s love (most of the time). This is also true for customer advocacy marketing, too which isn’t as structured as other similar marketing methods like influencer or ambassador marketing. It’s more about principles for your customer base.

Here are some ideas for your next advocacy strategy:

  1. Provide an excellent product or service: Duh, right? It doesn’t matter how fantastic your marketing is without a top-notch product or service. Customers won’t become advocates and fans unless it’s worth it. 
  2. Deliver an unforgettable brand experience: Product? Check. Experience? Double-check. Every interaction customers have with your business contributes to their experience. The better these experiences are, the more likely a customer will share one.
  3. Use a customer-first mentality: Show your customers that you value their opinion. Publicly responding on social media, publishing content based on customer suggestions, and asking questions are great ways to show them you’re actively listening. But the best way to stay customer-first is to continue to deliver on your promises as a brand.
  4. Make it easy on your customers: Make it as easy as possible for your advocates to share information (and easy for you to track, too). Provide hashtags, sharable social links like ClickToTweet, or links with pre-written content.
  5. Seek out your advocates: So you can keep on doing your best as far as brand operations, but sometimes you have to seek advocacy more actively. You can go the Net Promotor Score (NPS) route and survey your customers regularly. You can also go the social media route using listening tools or make a UGC campaign.

HubSpot’s full blog post has a bunch of real brand examples to see these strategies in action, so click below to read the full piece.


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