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AI Love You

Yesterday, we talked about magic mirrors. Today, we’re talking about robots! Okay, maybe not quite there yet, but artificial intelligence has got us pretty hype, too. We’ve entered a realm of personalized, value-driven, and smart campaigning and marketers are reaping the benefits.


As curious little monkey people, humans have opinions, biases, and they seek answers. This makes collecting and forming patterns from data difficult. Whereas AI will uplift patterns from its roots for us to analyze and then further use to build relationships with consumers. Tight!

Consider this quote by Leslie Fine,

Some may fear AI, but I think of it as doing for minds what the Industrial Revolution did for muscles: machines taking on difficult and repetitive tasks and improving output.”

In Today’s Read, Fine discusses the growing beauty of AI and how it will help marketers and improve our overall output. I know we say this a lot, but, it’s too good to skim over. Get in it!


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