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All About Instagram Ads

We talk about Facebook ads a lot. Like, a lot a lot. We’ve even featured Facebook Messenger ads quite a few times. But we don’t always get into Instagram ads. And they deserve way more attention than you might think. 

Today’s Listen has got the scoop on why Instagram ads have all the potential—maybe even more than FB ads. For real? Totes. Depending on your demographics, Insta might serve your ads even better. Amy Porterfield sat down with Rick Mulready of Art of Paid Traffic to hash out the ins and outs of Instagram ads.

There are some seriously eye-opening stats and insights in this episode, so fill up that coffee and tune in. The good stuff starts at 02:30 and continues from there.

  • (03:20) Who exactly is on Instagram—Is your demographic even there?
  • (05:00) The best days and times to post on Instagram—and the worst.
  • (6:55) 3 of the best times to post (2am, 8am, 5pm)
  • (07:53) The percentage of Insta users that say they learned about products and services through Instagram (spoiler alert: it’s a lot)
  • (08:08) The percentage of users that say they take action such as visiting sites, searching, or telling a friend after seeing an Insta post.
  • (09:00) Why Facebook is too distracting and why it’s easier to stay focused on Instagram.
  • (10:39) Where and how to set up your ads (on Facebook and Instagram).
  • (12:09) Which ad type would be best for your business and customers—and the parameters for each.
  • (13:17) The big differences between Facebook and Instagram, and why you can’t just repurpose one for the other. They go into a ton of detail about this part, so keep your ears peeled!
  • (19:22) With Insta, do you have the same targeting possibilities as Facebook?
  • (22:10) How to take advantage of story ads (and what happened after Amy ran her first Insta Story ad for her List Builders Lab promo).
  • (28:16) Why you need to add text and emojis to your InstaStories.
  • (28:59) How to choose the right objectives when creating your Instagram ad campaigns.
  • (30:45) What the audience should know about Instagram ads in general.

If you wanna take some solid notes on this episode, take a trip to the transcript here.


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