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Alternative Pets

You know, like pets that listen to Radiohead and have the side of their heads shaved.

Okay fine, not quite. But we would pay top dollar to see an all-dog cover band of Radiohead, with vocals by Thom Yorkie. (Deep Radiohead pun right there.)

Sugar Mutts Rescue also has jokes (and an amazing name). In their latest campaign, they focus on the reasons people get pets other than dogs…#alternativepets, if you will.

You’ve got the guy who bought a boa constrictor because dogs are too much work, but now lives in fear of his pet. And a girl who got a hermit crab because her parents said she wasn’t responsible enough for a dog. Then there’s the woman who got a turtle without thinking about the fact that those little guys carry all sorts of diseases.

All of the ads end with the message, “Just Get the Dog,” which is something we are fully here for.

We won’t ruin the rest of them for you. They’re a good laugh, perfect for starting your Tuesday off on the right paw. 


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