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Amazing Instagram Stories Examples (With Tips & Tricks to Copy)

What better way to tell your brand story than with Instagram Stories.

AdEspresso’s latest blog tackles IG Story Ads. We’re skipping the how-to and focusing on the examples and brilliant tips. Let’s take our Story campaigns to the next level, shall we?

Tip 1: 4 Qs to answer for killer headline and copy messaging.

  • Is this useful – do people see the value in it?
  • Is this unique – does it promise a unique benefit?
  • Is this urgent – does it lead the audience to act now?
  • Is this ultra-specific? – does it quickly address why someone should swipe up?

For example, The Daily Harvest shared this message, “Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are covered. Worry about fewer things. — Swipe Up for $25 off”

Rather than sharing prices or the latest flavors, The Daily Harvest understands consumers are stressed and the response is any time of day we got you when you need a meal.

Tip 2: Create a sense of exclusivity or luxury.

Curiosity kills the cat, right? Building a sense of suspense or keeping your fans on their toes can encourage engagement like nothing else. Take the luxury strategy, for instance.

Make your fans feel your product or service is just for them by giving exclusive offers, providing loyalty perks, presenting a limited-time offer, or expanding on personalized experiences.

Tip 3: The sound of silence is your friend.

40% of your audience will watch your IG Stories in silent mode so mastering the sound-off environment is key. How can you accomplish this? Use bold headlines, powerful imagery, and animations that draw viewers in.

We’re leaving it with a few honorable mention tips, but there’s more involved in Adespresso’s blog:

    • Delivering a slew of lovely products in rapid succession
    • Using keen narrative techniques
    • Making everyday moments more exciting with video editing tools

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