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An SEO Strategy that Actually Works

Here’s your word of the day: Guestographics.

That’s the tactic behind what Brian Dean used to increase his organic traffic by 175.59% in less than a month. But wait, there’s more! In today’s Watch Brian outlines the process that took his traffic to new heights.

His steps:

  1. Create and publish a high-quality infographic. You’ll probably need a good designer for this.
  2. Make sure that people will want to read your infographic. Use a data-backed approach to find popular questions that aren’t answered properly. Use a tool like Answer the Public for help on this.
  3. Create a list of people who are interested in your topic. Yeah, content promotion is super important. It’s more important than creation. Email those people your new infographic (Brian even has a stellar email script for this).
  4. Get contextual backlinks. Google puts more weight on backlinks that are surrounded by unique content.

Bonus Tip: List your sources on your infographic. This helps build credibility and gives you a great starting point for content promotion.


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