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And the Award for Best Commercial Goes To…

Hey, and that’s no hyperbole. Last night, Squarespace swiped the Emmy for Best Commercial with their ad, “Calling John Malkovich.”

Squarespace teamed up with startup agency, JohnXHannes to create a Superbowl ad about, well, being John Malkovich. Masterfully recalling the iconic film (Being John Malkovich), Squarespace and JohnXHannes hatched a trio of ads with the message, “Get your domain before it’s gone.” Cue: one perturbed Malkovich.

If you’ve never seen Being John Malkovich, it’s quite literally about a portal that leads to Malkovich’s mind and basically everyone in the movie is John Malkovich. So, you can see how this is a great way for a company to drive home the idea: get the domain you want before an imposter does.

Below is the ad that won, but here is the prequel that also deserves a shoutout.


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