Are your captions hitting your ideal brand voice? - Carney
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Are your captions hitting your ideal brand voice?


Up to 77% of companies know they create content that is off-brand. Are you one of those companies?

It’s hard to know for sure what language connects with your audience and if it’s on-brand, so it’s time to get some AI involved. Announcing OnBrand from Pluralytics –– the language intelligence platform powered by AI that takes the guesswork out of hitting your brand voice. It shows you how copy is likely to connect with your target audience and scores your messaging against your brand voice benchmark.

To get started, fill out a short questionnaire (takes about 5 mins) and you’ll get a report that tells you:

  1. Which audience segments your brand-voice could perform best with
  2. What tones of voice are present in your content
  3. What your style of writing is overall

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