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Audience Engagement is (Not) As Easy As Pie

Ah… that satisfying feeling of logging onto social media to find new followers. When your followers reach into the thousands, you know you’re doing something right. Though your numbers may be impressive, they don’t always mean you’re reaping the rewards (besides personal satisfaction, of course.) Maintaining an audience becomes a whole other beast to conquer.

It’s time to un-sheath your sword. Excalibur goes by a different name in 2017: Research. Today’s Read is chock full of delicious data (mmmm… pie charts), which is expertly evaluated to show us that interactive content best fuels consumer experience. It’s done for a few reasons:

  1. Educating an audience
  2. Creating brand awareness
  3. Generating leads

Trust us, this article is better slowly digested – save today’s skimming for … well, theSkimm.

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