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B2B Buyers Have Feelings, Too

We often think of B2B advertising as the logos to B2C’s pathos. B2B ads and content feature facts, specs, cost assessment, and comparisons in an endless stream of tables and iconography… but rarely an emotional appeal.

Why do we assume that our B2B buyers assume an entirely rational identity—independent of their life as a real consumer—without aspirations and emotions? Just because B2B buyers are making purchasing decisions under a different set of criteria doesn’t mean empathy shouldn’t play a role in comms.

Let’s understand this segment’s emotional process better. B2B Buyers…

  • Make purchase decisions for their organization, stakeholders, and team to accomplish a business function, objective, or requirement. So, this is a high-pressure decision with a lot at stake.
  • Often have a committee of 6–10 stakeholders, collaborators, or co-sponsors. They’ve likely been having discussions, appeals, even arguments about how to move forward.
  • Make decisions that will impact their personal career. This purchase will be a reflection of this buyer’s competency and literacy in the work environment.
  • Take a long time to move through the buying process. Emotional messaging can help your brand stay top-of-mind during long periods of inactivity due to budget, approvals, etc.
  • Make purchases and decisions that are long-term. Holding this level of influence over an organization takes courage and confidence. How can you speak to that heroic story?

B2B buyers aren’t simply robotic evaluators and master analysts. They respond to empathy like every other consumer. Check out Merkle’s blog to learn more.


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