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B2B SEO: Three Essential Strategies to Generate High-Quality Leads

It takes good patience and skill to build up organic search traffic. Especially since Google likes to keep us on our toes.

To make it a bit easier, Convince & Convert is showing us how to rise the ranks and bring in quality leads. Off to the first point.

Where B2C generally buys on an impulse, B2B will approach the buying process thoughtfully, and with a ton of research. From an SEO perspective this means, B2B Leads intently search for the most efficient solution to their problems. So, you have to deliver that in content.

To do this, Convince and Convert recommend delivering content for each point in the research process to target different intent levels.

  • Planning stage: the customer is only looking for possibilities
  • Decision stage: the customer has options, and tries to make a choice
  • Set-up stage: the target customer is in the process of set-up and facing a specific problem.

On to the second point – working an SEO strategy with the Decision-Making Unit (DMU) in mind. More often than not, in B2B industries about 7ish people are calling the shots. How does one accommodate all the possible decision-makers?

  • Get with your sales team to get inside the minds of the DMU.
  • Collect competitor, traffic-driving keywords, and organize it based on your identified decision-makers.
  • Match each identified search query to a landing page tailored to a particular decision-maker within the targeted DMU.

Now for the third and final point. Google has to know where you belong in comparison to other brands. Google’s Knowledge Graph is it’s understanding of the world, and well, your business. Optimize for this ranking factor by:

  • Reach out to get your brand included in listicles featuring your competitors.
  • Create a detailed, semantically optimized About page.
  • Optimize content for branded queries.

There’s much more to cover and Convince and Convert has the details. Read on, folks, read on.


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