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Baby You Can Drive My Car

Our copywriter, Jordyn, nearly spat out her coffee when she found today’s Watch. Something so eerily familiar about it all…

The ad isn’t marketing anything conventionally “special” or coveted. It’s a homemade video uploaded to YouTube by filmmaker, Max Lanman, to help his girlfriend sell her car.

Not just any car—a 1996 Honda Accord with 140,000+ miles on it. You’ve seen the one. Maybe you even have something similar. No special features. No rear camera. No bluetooth settings. Seat warmers? Psssh… You can imagine how silly this spot is. Downright brilliant, as well… 

The ad was produced with such cinematic quality (aerial views of driving along winding roads and all) and an amazing voiceover, that it went viral. Not only does the vid now have over 2 million views, but the eBay bidding, which started at $499, is now at a whopping $150,000 after 114 bids!  

Now, that’s how you market a used car…


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