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Be a Social Puggerfly

Why be a social butterfly when you can be a Puggerfly?

Why be a social butterfly when you can be a Puggerfly? Yep, you read that right. Puggerfly, an adorable pug with brightly colored wings.

The UK mobile brand, Three, is the culprit for this colorful and socially trending ad. To address data usage, the ad begins with the frightening thought of running out of data. And without data you’re just another Joe Schmo who has Snapchat. Then Puggerfly swoops in just as Three promises you can keep being your snap happy self without depleting your data.

Why it works:

1. The ad dives head first in what’s trending on social media. A.k.a. Snapchat graphics galore. Three went the extra mile by making Puggerfly an augmented reality pet on Snapchat. Talk about really developing a solid user experience strategy.

2. Language. Snapchat is a platform for younger generations. And that’s fine. Parents, though, pay the bills. What’s said throughout the ad is key. Running out of data equals an angry kid. Angry kid means that parents is about to have one serious issue.

But seriously, augmented reality or not, we want a Puggerfly.


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