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Beginner’s Guide to Quora Ads


Seriously, this podcast is only 7 minutes long. 7 minutes! At first, we were like, “Nah, that’s too short to provide any value.” But then we listened to it and were like, “Dang, that’s a lot in 7 minutes.”

Let’s hop to it. If you aren’t familiar with Quora, it’s a question-and-answer website that gets a ton of traffic. It’s the 67th most visited website in the US. Why does that matter? Well, they just launched ads, and in today’s Listen, Eric Siu and Neil Patel are breaking down how to use Quora’s ads platform.

We’ll let Eric and Neil take it from here:

  • (0:57) What is Quora?
  • (1:14) Quora manages to get really, really smart people to answer questions on the platform. That means the quality of the content on there is usually pretty high.
  • (1:50) You can target your ads around specific subjects. For example, you could target viewers of questions relating to digital marketing.
  • (2:23) What kind of companies should be advertising on Quora?
  • (3:32) Quora is great for e-commerce brands and companies who are selling products too!
  • (4:20) What is the average conversion rate on Quora? Eric is seeing conversion rates of about 20% from Quora.
  • (5:34) The wider your audience targeting is, the lower your CPC will be. But then remember, you’re likely going to be targeting less qualified people.

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