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Best Corporate Gifts for Employees in 2022

We asked you guys a little while back if you wanted gift guides and the results were pretty close between gifts for employees, gifts for clients, and gifts for yourself (ya bunch of Grinches). The winner was gifts for employees so here we are with your gift guide for your coworkers, colleagues, and teams.

So buckle up, because put together the ultimate list for remote teams, employee appreciation gifts, and ideas for holiday gift exchanges.

Top Gift Shops

We don’t know your coworkers, but there has to be something for everyone on one of these top sites for gifts large and small.

Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Heated Coffee Cups – For the people you really like, check out Ember or Cauldryn mugs.
  • Baskets of Goodies – It’s just a tried and true gift to put together the best snacks and sweets you can think of, especially local favorites.
  • Subscription Boxes – If you know someone’s passion or hobby, fuel that fire!

Gifts For Remote Employees

  • WFH Survival Kits – It can be as simple as a desk accessory, daily inspo, or something for comfort.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones – For anyone looking for some deep focus, or just peace and quiet.
  • Custom Message Donuts – ‘Nuff said.

Thank You Gifts

  • More snacks – Like we said, it’s tried and true because everyone loves some sort of munchie.
  • PTO – This isn’t on’s list, but we see it all the time as the most appreciated bonus to employees (besides an actual monetary bonus).
  • Event Tickets – For the team that would appreciate a baseball outing or ticket gift cards.

Still stumped? There is always gift cards to Starbucks or your local coffee shop.

Check out the full list that includes retirement, birthday, and work anniversary gift ideas, too.


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