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Best Practices for Instagram: 2023 Edition

Optimizing for Instagram’s algorithm du jour is a moving target. But recently, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri shared some new insights from behind the curtain. Instagram’s Algorithm uses these key signals to determine a post’s relevance to a user:

  1. Post info: How many people like the post, video length, location, etc.
  2. Account info: This helps classify whether this account would be of interest to a user. Instagram looks into historical data like how many of this account’s posts the user has already liked.
  3. User activity: This helps to understand what interests the users and what posts they tend to like in general.
  4. User engagement history: Identifies how interested a user is in seeing posts from a particular person or account.

With that in mind, here are some best practices for creating an algorithm-friendly content strategy:

  • Embrace Reels. Instagram is focusing major energy on growing Reels to outpace TikTok. Invest some time and care into your Insta video content—in conjunction with other types of content—to increase discovery on the app.
  • Quality > quantity. Mosseri suggests 2 Feed posts per week, 2 Stories per day, and hashtag use. The name of the game is to keep people (not bots) in the app with relevant, engaging, authentic, and likeable content. Prioritize high-quality content that checks these boxes, and you won’t have to worry about other tricks and hacks.
  • Schedule smart. It’s still important to keep a pulse on when your audience is scrolling the app, so you can optimize your content schedule. Most scheduling tools can help you get a good read on this data. How your post performs in its first thirty minutes will determine how the algo treats you!
  • Don’t buy. Resist the temptation to flood your account with purchased followers. You’ll water down engagement, and Instagram will detect those bot-generated comments.

As ever, testing out a variety platform features with entertaining, informative content and intentional engagement is your best bet. For more tips, check out Planoly’s deep dive into the IG algo.


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