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Best Practices for Reels

It’s about time for a refresh on Reels best practices. Here’s the skinny:

Consistency: Post your content on the same time and day to signal to the algorithm that you’re committed to providing valuable content regularly.

Trending Audio: Use medium-popular trending audio ( < 10k usage count), even at a low volume for narration videos.

Hashtags: Use 3 to 8 hashtags with usage counts from 10,000 to 500,000. Avoid hashtags with volumes over 1 million.

Editing: No surprise here, the algorithm prioritizes Reels that use in-app features, so edit within Instagram whenever possible. Always avoid watermarks!

Length: Find what works for you, but ~30 seconds is best for capturing attention.

Comments: Like and reply to comments within the first hour of posting.

Republishing: It’s allowed AND encouraged! Repost your best Reels every 3 to 6 months.

CTAs: You might be penalized for encouraging users to leave the app. Opt for “share this with a friend” over “subscribe to my newsletter!”

Check out Nick Gray’s post for more insight from a Meta rep.


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