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Beyond the Basics of Reviews

We all know reviews are important. Are you collecting them as effectively as possible? Putting together a review collection strategy is absolutely the first step in using reviews in your user-generated content strategy, and, of course, your reputation management.

G2’s Learn Hub gives us insights of how any business model can be collecting reviews, but especially how B2B businesses should be paying attention to B2C.

Where to collect your reviews:

  • Real-time review solicitation: The best time to collect the best possible snapshot of what your clients and customers are thinking is while they are using your services. In-app review solicitation is one way to strike while the iron’s hot.
  • Build a Community: Discussion boards and forums for troubleshooting are your chance to directly engage with your users and gather their feedback. Managing online communities for your users is a great way to maintain transparency while controlling the conversation.

Now what? You have valuable feedback for your team. That’s great. Now take your clients’ words and use them to your advantage as user-generated content.

Where to take your reviews:

  • Testimonials and Case Studies: Share those reviews out with prospective clients!
  • Engagement Boosts: Wherever you are hosting your reviews, make sure you can reply to them. Dialogue can only build your brand’s engagement and your users will appreciate it.
  • Video Content: Encourage your customers to leave video reviews on your product profile. Boom. The most valuable content type made for you, supporting you.

Even if your reputation is looking good, take advantage of collecting fresh stuff to build up your brand in user-generated content. Rather than passively waiting for customers to volunteer feedback, meet customers where they already are and ripe to provide feedback.

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