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BFCM is Cool. But What About Cyber Week II?

The five-day period that runs from Thanksgiving and Black Friday through Cyber Monday is also called the Cyber 5, Cyber Week, or Cyber Weekend. It’s one of the biggest lead ups to Christmas and contributes billions towards holiday shopping. But what do you call the week after Christmas?

Let’s Talk About Cyber Week II

Here are some tips on how to make the most of Cyber Week II and end the year strong:

  1. Get inside shoppers’ heads. With any marketing, sales, or campaign, understanding a consumers’ mindset is essential. During the holidays, there are common buying scenarios that you need to think about and how they could apply to your brand. That includes underwhelming gifts to exchange, gift cards burning holes in pockets, the year-end deal seekers, and appealing to New Year’s resolutions.
  2. Make shopper behavior work in your favor. Create a targeted eCommerce strategy by aligning your sales goals with shoppers’ needs and wants during the post-holiday season. Some ways to do that include EOY sales or retargeting your holiday shoppers who are ready to make exchanges or find additional discounts. (Check out the full Channable post for a whole bunch of ad campaign ideas.)
  3. Have the latest and greatest updates. Keep your shopping streams, social channels, announcements, and product information as up to date as possible. Check that your data is accurate, organized, and optimized to the specifications of each marketplace.
  4. Maximize your feeds. You have your tried-and-true platforms, and those are cool, but don’t be afraid to experiment with new ones.
  5. Plan ahead. The time to plan ahead has passed but it’s not to late to end the year with a bang. After reviewing your ad data, set your ads up now or in early December to launch by December 27.

Check out all of the ad, marketing, and strategy tips for Cyber Week II on Channable’s post.


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