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Seventh Generation’s new campaign, featuring Maya Rodulph, has us s-peach-less from the fruity wordplay.

Let’s talk about puns, baby…

‘Cause Seventh Generation’s new campaign, featuring Maya Rudolph, has us s-peach-less from the fruity wordplay. When we told our editor, Mark, we were using this commercial for the Watch, he went bananas, “oh my god. all the puns! Yes! so good. Talk about the puns. all the puns!”

For real though, with high praise for all-natural ingredients, Seventh Generation beats the competition to a pulp. Using a smidgen of edutainment and a dash of influencer marketing, they’ve oranged one heck of a good ad. Here’s why:

  1. It’s easy to say, “Hey, we’re a USDA Certified Biobased detergent company that sources ingredients from plants.” Sure, that provides the ‘what’, but does it foster a deeper connection? No, no it doesn’t. In a charming approach, Seventh Generation clearly defines the problem (stained clothes) and offers a solution (environmentally sustainable detergent) in an entertaining way.
  2. Maya adds to the edutainment factor by delivering the message authentically. Could you imagine Willem Dafoe reading the same script? Using the SNL alum will likely help improve ROI by driving sales, boosting engagement, and raising brand awareness.
  3. Pairing the #ComeClean hashtag invites viewers to take action on social media. Because making connections with an audience is the zest kind of marketing.

Okay, okay, sorry for all the food puns (no we’re not). We’ll still be grapeful if ya punch that button →


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