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Big Names, Big Moves, INBOUND 2021 is Almost Here

What kind of marketing do pirates like most? B2sea.

Okay, okay… jokes aside. We know crafting a strong digital marketing strategy takes time and nuance, so learn from the best at INBOUND 2021 – October 12-14.

Connect with global leaders and learn from 100+ powerhouse speakers at the fully immersive online experience. Here’s the intel on what to expect:

  • Find inspiration with Hasan Minhaj, Host & Creator – Discover your inner voice as you hear from Hasan about his creative, boundary-defying journey.
  • Disrupt the industry with Sarah Paiji Yoo, Co-Founder and CEO, Blueland – Hear how Sarah expanded Blueland’s customer base by way of its commitment to social impact – and learn how to build your own successful brand with a strong social mission.
  • Empower the content creator with Tim Stokely, Founder & CEO, OnlyFans – Join Tim as he sheds light on how he structured a business model that was appealing and empowering to content creators – all while staying ahead of the competition.
  • Build the ultimate customer persona with Tristan Walker, Founder & CEO, Walker & Company Brands – Drop what you know about customer personas. Tristan will help you re-think your target audience in an inclusive way so your brand can break into uncharted territory.
  • Gain killer email marketing skills with Jay Schwedelson, Founder, & CEO, Worldata – Stay ahead of the pack with email marketing performance techniques (based on key behavioral changes) during Jay’s fast-paced session.
  • “Move fast, optimize later” with Yael Miller & Zoe Dayan, – Yael and Zoe will show you how to identify SEO sinkholes, and harness quality tactics to improve your brand’s credibility and visibility.

Sign up to build boss marketing skills (and claim a free pass!) at INBOUND 2021.


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