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Blast from the Past

Toys R Us, after filing for bankruptcy protection and being plagued by store closings this year, is back with a new ad…? Yeah, we’re as surprised as you are.

In a Hail Mary attempt to save itself this holiday season, Toys R Us is going back in time… to a happier and more profitable era. How? By using vintage Toys R Us footage from 1978 and onwards. Not only is this a clever way to produce a spot on a budget, but it also does well to target parents’ nostalgia, recalling their own childhood expeditions in toy stores. Toys R Us wants to bring consumers back to this idea of an “experience,” instead of merely online shopping. 

The song featured is also a nod to the famous “I Don’t Want to Grow Up” jingle, which is performed by Jenny Lewis. Did you know she used to act in early Toys R Us commercials?? Now ya do. (We love you, Jenny!) 


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