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Boost Conversion Rates with Design Research

Forget getting more visitors to your website. Instead, focus on getting more out of the visitors you already have. That’s the smarter approach.

Today’s Listen is an interview with design optimization expert, Nick Disabato. Nick feels (and we agree) that design can make or break your user experience. If you want more conversions, you really need to ensure that your design is causing people to do what you want them to do.

Some of his tips:

  • Start with the analytics. Look at all your numbers and figure out what they mean. Is site speed an issue? Do mobile users have a good experience? You can figure all of this out from your analytics.
  • Use heat maps to determine what users are doing on a specific page. Are they going where you want them to go?
  • Use to find out more than just how people are interacting with your website, but why they are making the choices they make.

This one is 60 minutes long, but you’ll learn so much. Listen to it while driving home tonight.


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