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Boost Your Ad Recall on Pinterest

According to new research by Pinterest and System1, emotional digital ads drive brand lift and recall. Consider these tips following tips to develop ads that are more likely to engage audiences on Pinterest:

  • Brand Early. According to the report, most digital ads are viewed for < 2 seconds. Well-branded assets performed better overall.
  • Appeal to the Right Brain. Assets that featured a clear sense of place and characters resulted in a 90% increase in brand favorability on average.
  • Use Culture Moments. Reference holidays, events, and other shared cultural moments to tap into memory structures and increase emotional intensity and brand action intent.
  • Leverage Fluent Devices. These are recurring characters and scenarios that promote quick brand recognition, which is effective for lower-attention channels.
  • Tell a Good Story. No matter the Pin format, opt for a visually compelling design with good lighting, high-resolution, and stylized text to engage users.

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