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Brand Building by LinkedIn (the Pocket Guide)

According to LinkedIn, most brands aren’t playing the long game. It’s up to marketers to find that balance of brand and demand to sell B2B services and products. Luckily, LinkedIn made a pocket guide to help you do just that.

In an ideal world, you want to be putting 60% of your budget into brand marketing. But that’s a big chunk of change we’re talking about here. How do you do it strategically? Leverage these two concepts:

  • The Availability Heuristic: How can your brand be at the forefront of someone’s mind when they are ready to buy eventually? You have to be the brand that is the most available.
  • The Affect Heuristic: Basically, if someone likes a brand, their views of that brand’s solutions and benefits will be positively impacted.

The guide gives several steps to building your brand with the basic building blocks being:

  1. Connect with emotion: Balance the usage of rational and emotional ads to strategically build growth over time.
  2. Broaden your reach: Reach is the biggest predictor of growth in B2B.
  3. Plan long term: Through brand marketing, you’re building memorable links between your brand and relevant buying situations.
  4. Grow your share of voice: The success of your content marketing also hinges on reaching a broader audience to grow your share of voice.

Check out LinkedIn’s full guide for stats and strategies on building your brand with long-term messages.


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