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Brand Love Story 2020: A Report by Talkwalker

“Stop! In the name of love, before you break my branding…” Wait, that’s not right. Okay, we know the great Diana Ross sings “heart,” not branding, but roll with us. 

In the hustle and bustle of making sales, we forget it’s easier to convert a fan than it is a stranger. A stranger may have an interest in hearing benefits or find curiosity in a sale. After your pitch, the stranger will most likely be skeptical and show little commitment.

Where it may take more effort to maintain a relationship with your fans, this strategy is a more affordable and sustainable approach, plus produces unfailing commitment. That’s what makes the effort for brand love worth it. 

Still unsure? Talkwalker has the proof to back the power of brand love with their latest report. They found deploying a brand love strategy tends to bring price premiums, brand loyalty, and brand advocacy. Let’s learn how we build it. 

Methods Used to Build Love

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – it’s a purpose-filled method that reconnects communities to a brand.
  • Trend engagement – reacting to external events when it makes sense can help connect both emotionally and with relevance. 
  • Customer experience – “96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand.”

Ingredients for Brand Love

  • Influence the right people – Forget the massive numbers. Partner with niche or micro-influencers that make sense for your brand and have quality audience engagement. 
  • Share the loveAnyone else still trying to process March? Brands have the means to change the conversation to a positive one. Pump the breaks on sales, stop with the “uncertain times,” and focus on the positives your brand provides. 

When you download, you’ll feel the power of love, learn about the 50 brands doing it right, and the remaining 3 ingredients for building that love for your own brand. Smash the button to grab this report!


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