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Buffer’s Making Mistakes so You Don’t Have To

When it comes to social media, Buffer knows all. If you’re gonna use a phrase like “thought leader“, well, they are the thought leader on social media. So, when they admit they made a bunch of mistakes, we listen…or, in this case, read. 

Today’s Read is from Buffer’s blog about mistakes they’ve made on social media. Below are all 10 of them, but read the post for their full explanation.

  1. Focusing on quantity over quality (we covered this in a past Daily Carnage)
  2. Being on all social media platforms — pick where you can excel and focus on it
  3. Posting the same content across platforms
  4. Using only landscape images and videos (we’re guilty of this one…)
  5. Sharing only your own content
  6. Not curating user-generated content (anyone wanna take a stab at posting on our Instagram?)
  7. Not uploading videos to social media platforms (also guilty)
  8. Not targeting specific audience for your content
  9. Not boosting the right posts
  10. Not replying to questions on social (fast enough)

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