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Build a Chatbot and Get Ahead of the Curve

Remember when you first heard about companies getting on Facebook? If you were an early adopter, the results were amazing. If you joined when everyone else had already proven the model, it wasn’t as successful.

Listen up! You’ve got another opportunity to get ahead of the curve before every marketer and their marketing mother ruins it! This time the opportunity is with chatbots. Seriously.

Businesses using chatbots are already starting to see some real results. According to VentureBeat, SnapTravel’s use of Facebook Messenger chatbots has resulted in $1 million in hotel bookings in less than a year. Daaaaamn.

There are two main platforms where you can use these bots right now — Facebook Messenger and Slack. The good news is that on both of those platforms, you don’t need major coding skills (that’s a relief) to program a chatbot. Programs like Motion AI, Chatfuel, and others make it super simple to get a bot up and running.

Look, you’ve got one shot, one opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Are you gonna capture it or let it slip? Yeah, we just paraphrased Eminem…that’s how serious we are about chatbots.


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