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How to Build & Market a Brand that Resonates with Your Audience

Today’s Listen isn’t just any ol’ podcast, it’s our podcast! Cue the fanfare! The Carnage Podcast is here! So many exclamation points! Anyway, we’re very excited.

The guest on our first episode is Georgina Gooley, the co-founder of a female-first shaving subscription service, called Billie. She’s also a former advertising ace who has always been obsessed with the branding process.

If you haven’t heard about Billie yet, you better hold onto hearts, you just might fall in love.

When developing her brand, Georgina set out to create a shaving experience the way women would want it. Affordable, inclusive, positive, real…. It’s about celebrating womankind in a male-dominated industry. And the payoff is powerful. Not even a year old and Billie has a following of loyal fans and customers. Talk about a strong emotional connection between brand and consumer.

Georgina shares insights on all this and more, from her branding strategy to the positive impact she hopes to make on women worldwide.

In this 13-minute podcast we talk about:

  • (02:00) The genesis of Billie and what Georgina was doing before
  • (04:20) Georgina’s ideal work day (and what usually gets in the way from that “perfect” day)
  • (05:35) Challenges you face as a company founder 
  • (06:10) A road bump along the way that later became an opportunity
  • (06:50) The history behind the name Billie and its significance to the brand itself
  • (08:35) What keeps Georgina inspired and motivated
  • (09:05) The Pink Tax
  • (10:10) How Georgina measures success and the impact she hopes to have the world
  • (11:05) One tactic she recommends to fellow founders and marketers
  • (11:35) The importance of cultural awareness when developing and marketing a new brand 

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