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How to Build a Successful Facebook Group

We’re always talking about the importance of building a community around your brand. Whether that’s a Slack Community, a Facebook Group, a LinkedIn Group, or any other number of groups, pick one and start.

But, it’s a daunting task. Sure, it’s easy as heck to set up a Group on Facebook. Even once you set it up, you still gotta build one that people actually wanna join and engage in. That’s the tough part.

Don’t let it hold you back, though. We’ve got a podcast today that’s going to help you build a crazy successful Group.

You’re gonna want to jump right to 04:52 for the start of this one.

  • (06:02) The value of a Facebook Group is that you’re building a community where you, as an individual, are recognized as a thought leader. That helps members have a stronger connection with you, as an extension of your brand.
  • (07:17) Despite Facebook’s algorithm changes, it seems like Groups will be unaffected…or at least less affected.
  • (07:35) Facebook Groups take a ton of work.
  • (11:12) Try “theme days” in your Group. For example, every Friday, you could allow members to promote their own content/products. But, don’t allow self-promotion on any other day.
  • (12:50) Buy a specific URL just for your Group and then have that forward to the Group.
  • (15:02) If you’re looking to grow your Group, talk about it! Post about it, email your list about it, etc.
  • (16:45) Create premium content for Group members and then promote that content outside of the Group.
  • (17:20) Post more than once per day in your Group. You have to be in there and be active.
  • (21:00) Don’t “trick” people to engage with your Group. Don’t do the “comment your mood with a GIF” thing, unless it fits your business.
  • (22:03) To stimulate Group conversations, tag other people into posts and comments. If you know a Group member would be a great person to answer a specific question, tag them.

Plenty more insight in this one. And, if you wanna see how we run our Facebook Group, ask to join!


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