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Building A Better Loyalty Program

Brand loyalty from customers is an extremely competitive thing. Brands that gain that type of following have to have a great product, align with the values of their customers, and provide a high-value experience. Part of that high-value portion can live with loyalty programs.

Tips for Building Your Own Loyalty Program:

  1. Building Personalization Into Your Loyalty Program Experience: No, really. Personalize the heck out of this. Marketers get this advice constantly but still fall short of personalized experiences for their users. The common solution involves automatic program elements based on a member’s purchases, rewards redeemed, events, and other actions.
  2. Adding Gamification Elements: Using gamification to promote trust and recognition can help you make an experience that’s all the more impactful for your customers. Examples of gamification in loyalty programs include treasure hunts, prize wheels, and social contests.
  3. Rewarding Soft Actions: Show your customers that you care about them by rewarding them for performing various soft actions that are fun or important to them, not just purchases.
  4. Creative Point Redemption: Allow customers to choose the way they spend their points, or give them the option to donate points to a cause that’s near and dear.
  5. Building A More Emotional Loyalty Program: Loyalty programs are historically a transaction-based strategy, so it can be hard to steer away from “every X purchase gets you Y.” Trust, recognition, and lasting impressions are three huge elements that help to make a loyalty program more emotional, which can stick harder.

Overall, you should use your loyalty program to actively learn more about customers. This can come from directly asking questions but can also utilize buying behavior and testing out suggestions.

Check out more examples and details on loyalty programs from the Forbes article.


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