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Building Customer Journeys Across Multiple Devices

We all made it to Friday! It wasn’t easy, but here we are. As a reward, we’re serving up a short, 11-minute podcast today about multi-channel marketing.

Multi-channel marketing might not be a buzzword right now, but that doesn’t make it any less important than a current buzzword like…social listening. The idea behind it is taking one message and spreading it to wherever your customers are. Instead of just retargeting potential customers on Facebook, ask yourself, “What other options are available to me?

Today’s Listen is an interview with multi-channel expert Corey Trojanowski (just found out that Corey is a Carnage subscriber. Hi, Corey!). Corey quickly breaks down what you need to know about multi-channel marketing.

Here’s the scoop:

  • (1:31) The only way to fully engage with potential customers is with a multi-channel approach.
  • (1:45) Multi-channel marketing is simply getting in front of your customers wherever they are – social, email, SEM, etc.
  • (3:50) Multi-channel marketing is more than just modifying the way an ad looks on different channels. You need to serve up what people want on each different channel.
  • (4:08) Two examples of companies doing multi-channel marketing well.
  • (5:58) If you’re just kicking off your multi-channel campaign, make sure that you’re collecting all of your audience’s behavioral data in one central place. Having data from 5 sources in 5 places isn’t helpful at all.
  • (7:23) If you aren’t using that data to personalize the experience for your potential customers, you’re losing.

Told ya, that one was short. But, there’s still plenty we didn’t cover in the show notes here. Give it a listen while you’re sipping on your coffee this morning.

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