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Building Your Content Marketing Team for Success

Today, we’re talking about team building. No, not this kind of team building. We’re actually talking about how to build a content marketing team for success.

You might already be asking yourself, who should I hire first, where does a designer fit in, and when do I bring the inspirational “guru” on board? (Spoiler alert about hiring a guru: never.) These are some seriously important questions that could affect how successful your marketing team is.

Luckily, our dude Andy Crestodina outlines all of that for you in today’s Listen. Starting from the first hire to the last hire you need, we’ll let Andy and his co-host take it from here…

  • (4:36) According to research from Kapost, fewer than 20% of content marketing teams are comprised of 6 or more people.
  • (6:30) A managing editor should be your first content marketing hire. Even if you have multiple writers from elsewhere in your company, you need to make sure that you’re hiring someone to keep the voice, editing, language, etc. consistent.
  • (9:02) You need a community manager, too. This person could also be titled social media manager. Social media marketing is time-consuming. The manager needs to be listening, engaging, and promoting content.
  • (9:46) Don’t forget about a content designer. It’s not enough to just publish great content, it has to look great too. If you’re really tight on budget, you can try design yourself with tools like Canva. But, even that is going to be time-consuming. How much is your time worth?
  • (13:25) Visuals are not optional. If you’re not considering the design of your content, you’re turning off a lot of people.
  • (13:36) A video/audio producer is becoming more and more important. If you’re on a bigger team that needs to supercharge your content, think about hiring a video person.
  • (15:00) You don’t necessarily need an analytics/data expert, but everyone on your team should be familiar with analytics.

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