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Catering Your Emails for Dark Mode Compatibility

Dark mode is growing to become one of the more standard viewing modes for emails, especially on mobile. It’s a great viewing option to give your eyes a rest from contast screen time. You might even be using it right now to view The Daily Carnage.

But is your brand taking dark mode into account when designing your emails? If not, you might be surprised by the color shift your branding can take.

Here are some helpful dark mode design tricks to keep in mind when designing your email:

  1. Stick to transparent PNG images so when your background color inverts, you won’t end up with mismatching blocks.
  2. Add a white stroke around dark images to avoid something being black-on-black when in dark mode. Logos and icons are notorious for this.
  3. Design as if you are in dark mode by testing your work on a black background.

When it comes to coding stuff, there are a couple ways to add dark mode styles. Here’s a helpful cheat sheet (for both non-developers and developers alike):

Dark Mode is supported in all the latest email clients and devices but each OS provides Accessibility and Display setting options a little differently.

Check out the full post by Email Uplers for specific dark mode tips!


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