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Choosing Keywords for Google Ads: How to Find Yours

Choosing the right keywords for Google Ads so you can build an effective ad campaign is one of the most important decisions you can make in marketing. Keywords won’t just determine how much traffic an ad can bring in – they’ll also determine the quality of the leads you generate. 

That said, finding the right keywords for your next ad campaign isn’t always straightforward and it can be easy to fall into some marketing traps that can hurt the effectiveness of your keywords. 

Keyword “traps” to avoid

  1. Assuming how customers search: Using words that describe your brand? Great! But what words are customers actually searching for that would relate to your products or serves? Always think like a customer for the best keyword relevance.
  2. Being too broad: Have a game plan for your ad campaigns so they focus on a certain product or section of your business makes it easier to get specific. Plus, you get to build out better phrase combinations.
  3. Not worrying about negative keywords: Knowing what keywords not to use is half the battle! They are a great way to filter out unqualified leads.

Using the right keyword tools

There are a lot of keyword-helping tools out there and Metigy has an SME platform that can help break down the process of creating Google Ads every step of the way. They have AI recommendations that will help you capitalize on missed opportunities through keyword and audience suggestions.

Check out the full Metigy blog post for more examples and details on keywords for your Google Ads.


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