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Client Reporting Best Practices: Push Reports vs. Dashboards

Who’s ready to embrace the season with some good old-fashioned spring cleaning? Whether it’s the neglected layer of dust on top of the ceiling fan blades or the drawers full of clothes you haven’t worn in years, it feels good to start fresh. You can even score a few bucks with a yard sale on a nice spring day.

We all have things in our homes we thought we would need but never ended up using. But it’s not just items in your house – this can happen with client deliverables too. To help you keep the clutter away from clients’ closets, NinjaCat is covering push reports vs. dashboards from their free eBook, Client Reporting Best Practices.

Let’s break down the differences.

Push Reports

In a nutshell, this is the best way you can present data to illustrate ROI for your clients. Here’s why:

  • Push reports are template-based. You know what your client is looking for, so why show them something else? You can easily put together beautiful templates with the numbers and stats that matter most to them.
  • You control the story. “Chekhov’s Gun” is a storytelling principle that says something presented in a story must only be present if it is absolutely necessary. With a push report, you get to trim the fat and tailor the story with only the necessary elements.


There’s a time and place for dashboards, but using one to showcase ROI is like handing your client an inkblot test and telling them what they ought to see; it’s open to interpretation. A dashboard is live and always changing, so it’s not a great way to capture your story.

In fact, NinjaCat found amongst hundreds of thousands of clients that fewer than 10% of them used their custom dashboards. Just sayin’. 🤷‍♀️

Stick to dashboards for internal meetings and updates for clients, but rely on push reports to properly tell the story you were hired to tell.

There’s a whole lot of great stuff to cover in NinjaCat’s Client Reporting Best Practices eBook, so download your free copy and get the whole story! As Marie Kondo would say, it *sparks joy.*


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