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Client Reporting Best Practices

What if we told you we have a whole cake just for you? Actually, it’s not really so much a cake, but raw ingredients you can use to make a cake. Equally as fun, right? Also, there’s no recipe to go with it – just ingredients.

When you put together a report for a client to show how well a campaign is performing, it can look like a bunch of cake ingredients. Just like raw ingredients, raw data doesn’t translate easily for everyone. What you need to do is bake the cake and share the recipe with the client so they can see the tangible product of all your labor. This is how you can craft a report your client will love.

Today, NinjaCat (yeah, fantastic name) is sharing a bit about data storytelling vs. data deluge from their new Client Reporting Best Practices eBook. Let’s dive right in.

Data Storytelling vs Data Deluge

A flood of data isn’t going to paint a clear picture for your clients, so it’s crucial to tell a compelling story.

First, consider all of the challenges and solutions you found while working on your client’s campaign and use these to create a comprehensive story. This could include discoveries from deep dives into their past campaigns and the planning process you underwent to execute. The purpose here is to illustrate your journey from start to finish rather than just from the resulting data.

Second, back up your story with the data you’ve collected. Show what the numbers mean in the context of their business and point out the resulting ROI they achieved from the campaign. You’re a large part of this story; make it so good they’ll have to keep you in the sequel. Piece of cake. 🍰

We’re only scratching the surface of NinjaCat’s new eBook, so go ahead and download it for free to get the whole story on client reporting best practices.


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